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The FLAMENCO™ software package

The Flamenco software package is a multi-module structural health monitoring software platform which enables real-time structural health assessment. Flamenco outputs a current state indication along with an estimate of the remaining service-life of the monitored asset. The software is driven by information extracted from time data series recorded by sensors placed strategically on the monitored structure.

By means of a state-of-the-art fully automated signal processing engine the data is condensed into sets of structural parameters and through these parameters the overall structural health can be assessed. Flamenco can be merged with a finite element representation of structure, hereby state information in an arbitrary point can be achieved.

Flamenco features:

    • Fully automated system identification algorithm
    • Real-time structural state monitoring
    • Patented technology

The Flamenco Vision

Data Acquisition and Transfer

The sensors are installed in strategically advantageous positions on the structure and record the structural response. The recorded data is transferred to the cloud.

Signal Processing and Analysis

In the cloud the data is processed and the structural features are extracted and stored in the database.

Output and Monitoring

The user can access each specific monitored structural asset via the internet and oversee the current state and the projected remaining service-life.

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Brincker Monitoring ApS

Rune Brincker


30 years experience in operational modal analysis (OMA), inventor of frequency domain decomposition (FDD) technique, and the first OMA software. Inventor of several patents such as the Local Correspondence (LC) principle.

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